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Hi there, I’m Wendy Christien.

I work with people of all ages who are stressed, tired, gaining weight, losing vitality and in need of support to obtain optimum health and energy; and who want to look and feel their best. I work with clients on a one on one basis or in groups so that they can have long-lasting benefits that will change their lives forever.

I use a combination of these modalities to formulate the best personalised treatment plans for my clients and I also assist my clients to achieve a healthy body composition as well as make positive lifestyle changes to encourage and maintain better health. My aim is to educate and support my clients in order for them to live their lives to the full.

I have been in practice in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town since October 2005. I am a certified BEST Practitioner, Iridologist, zest4Life Wellness Coach and First Line Therapy practitioner. I am registered with the Natural Healers Association (NHA) as well as the Traditional Health Practitioners Council SA (THPCSA).

Taking the first step.

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During the past 10 years my business has changed and grown and I have incorporated different modalities so that I can offer a wider variety of analysis and treatment options:

The BEST System

Bio Energetic Stress Testing. A non-invasive way of testing for underlying health issues by analysing each system throughout your body. More..


Your eyes are the window to your body. Colour, markings and patterns highlight specific areas that would benefit from support. More..


A lifestyle program with a difference. Rejuvenate your zest for life by learning new sustainable habits that make for a healthy lifestyle. More..

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