Essential Fatty Acids

Omega 3 Oils are anti-inflammatory, whereas in high doses, Omega 6 Oils can be pro-inflammatory.

Immune Health

A healthy lifestyle gives your body the best chance of being able to fight off immune insults.

Mind Body Connection

It's important to consider what we are filling our minds with because our mental health can have a profound impact on our physical health.

Sugar is highly addictive and studies have shown that it has the same effect on the brain as cocaine because it impacts the same reward systems in the brain.

10 Immune Boosting Tips

With the onset of winter and lots of bugs in the air, your immune system has to work extra hard to fight off germs and keep you healthy. Here are some tips to help:

Many people experience more than one of these stressful events at a time, which increases the risk for stress related diseases like heart disease, depression or anxiety as well as increased susceptibility to infectious diseases even more. Stress crucially influences who will or will not suffer disease and how that disease will manifest.

Who Needs to Detox?

Have you over-indulged over the holidays? Are you suffering from fatigue, bloating, excess weight, feeling low, skin conditions, PMT, bad breath, etc? Would you like to clean up your system and feel full of energy? Then you would benefit from my gentle detox program.

Raspberry FroYo

“This Skinny Raspberry Frozen Yogurt is so easy to make and you would never guess that it was low-calorie and sweetened with only honey.”

Cherry Coconut Smoothie

“This Cherry Coconut Smoothie probably isn’t filling enough for breakfast, but it makes a great snack when you need that 2:00 pick me up. Only 115 calories a serving, this Cherry Coconut Smoothie will help to curb your sweet cravings and will get you through until your next meal.”

Kiwi Popsicles

These pretty kiwi fruit ice blocks are great as a healthy snack or to cool off on at hot summer’s day. They only take 10 minutes to make and require very few ingredients.

Watermelon Fruit Salad

“Watermelon, Blackberry, and Mint Salad-this simple and beautiful fruit salad is refreshing and perfect for any hot summer day!”

Strawberry FroYo

“Now you can skip the ice cream maker, skip the added sugar and spend five minutes food processing your way to the easiest, creamiest homemade frozen yogurt to ever cross your lips.”

Blueberry Smoothie

“Blueberries, leafy greens, almond butter, cinnamon, cayenne and even the Maca powder (optional) offer anti-inflammatory qualities so you are ready for anything with this one!”