Identifying Your Inherited Genetic Patterns

Iridology is the science of studying and analyzing the signs in the iris, which reflect an individual’s genetic inherited patterns.

The signs in the iris will tell me about your individual constitutional weaknesses, which is helpful so that those areas can be supported to avoid potential health issues. All signs in the iris are latent until triggered, which means that they highlight a certain area of the body that could potentially be affected by stress or illness.

Iridology can indicate the following:

  • Constitutional strengths and weaknesses
  • Toxicity in organs, glands and tissues
  • Which organs, glands or tissue require attention
  • Digestive and Intestinal function and health
  • Hyper / hypoactivity of glands, organs and tissues
  • The ability of an organ, tissue or gland to hold on to nutrients
  • Absorption and assimilation of nutrients
  • Inflammation and its various stages
  • How stress/physical or mental fatigue affects the body
  • Recuperative ability of an individual
  • Genetic influence on symptoms
  • Congestion

How it works:

Iridology is non invasive. The iris is viewed, either through a magnifying glass or via an Iriscope. The image from the Iriscope is saved on the computer so that we are able to discuss the specific signs with each individual.

Iridology Factsheet:

For more information on how this wellness treatment works and how it was developed you can download the PDF below.

Download PDF