4-week Emotional Eating Program



Do you eat when you’re stressed, anxious or angry, or when you’re tired, sad or depressed?

Do you eat when you’re not hungry or when you’re full? You could be an emotional eater. I can help you with my 4-week Emotional Eating Program. This program will help you to identify your triggers and teach you new habits so that you can build a healthy relationship with food and allow food to be your nourishment and not your comfort (or) so that food can lose its hold on you.

The program includes the following:

In addition to: Teaching you to eat real foods in the right combinations to avoid hunger and cravings you will get:

  • 4 x 1 hour weekly sessions either face to face or via Skype
  • Overall wellness assessment on the BEST System (initial consultation)
  • Weekly monitoring of body composition (if weight is a concern)
  • Identify limiting beliefs and unhelpful thought patterns
  • Personalised motivational coaching and support
  • zest4life detox work book and materials
  • 28 Day Meal Plans

I will help you to:

Break old habits and work on any limiting beliefs that may be keeping you stuck. Together we will build your confidence so that you can make good decisions in all situations, whether it be at a party or a restaurant or whether you are home alone and feeling happy, sad or bored and tempted to use food for comfort.

Choose from my two payment options:


Make the full payment upfront and get 25% off your next zest4life follow up program or progress assessment.


Make a 50% payment upfront and get all the benefits of taking part in this 4-week program, and pay 50% at week 4.

Individual consultations start from R550 and package deals start from R2 200. Please contact me for advice on the best package to suit your needs.


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