Numerous so-called “diets” are available and many trends are doing the rounds when it comes to eating plans. The fundamental factor, however, is that there is definitely not a one-size-fits-all plan for everyone.

Our body’s nutritional needs are complex, and these needs can only be satisfied by eating wholesome foods in the right combinations.  Wendy’s aim is to help you determine what type of nutritive lifestyle will be best for you, and to help you incorporate it into your daily life. 

She does not believe that anyone should be on a diet. And, unfortunately, besides being hard to maintain, the word “diet” often brings a whole lot of negative connotations.

However, sometimes we do need to do something drastic to bring about change to our health and lifestyle. At the same time these changes should be sustainable and realistic as far as the amount of time it takes to lose weight or make healthy changes. We also have to keep in mind that the rate at which we lose weight varies from person to person, and that it is never a quick fix for anyone.

Wendy’s interest and experience in nutrition have led her to believe that there is no magic bullet in terms of weight loss. Some people just don’t get the results they hope for, despite their best efforts. Others just need guidance, and sometimes bad habits merely need to be undone. Even those who follow a healthy lifestyle sometimes need to do closer inspection to see what can be done to further improve.

Wendy will teach you the difference between good and bad carbs, good and bad fats, and why we need to know this. She will also show you what a balanced plate of food should look like, and will tweak your current daily eating regime to one that is better suited to your wellness goals.

One of the aspects of nutrigenomics involves the study of how food affects a person’s genes and how a person’s genes affect the way the body responds to food. Nutrigenomics can therefore be a beneficial addition in identifying how your body metabolises and stores fats, and which type of eating style would work best for your body.

Start your journey to a healthier,
happier you!

Start your journey to a healthier, happier you!