our approach

Holistic wellness programmes serve a dual purpose:


They are preventative, as they help individuals to be and remain healthy in a sustainable manner.

integrated health solution

They help those with specific ailments or conditions to recover and, at the same time, manage their lifestyles to prevent possible regression.

We offer and recommend a treatment and support programme 
which normally evolves as follows:

We offer and recommend a treatment and support programme which normally evolves as follows:


We start off with an initial consultation to get to know you as a person, and to assess your health status. During the ensuing assessment we use recognised, non-intrusive methods to determine the functionality of your body’s systems, and to identify shortages, deficiencies or imbalances that may exist. These methods – which include the Bio Energetic Stress Testing (BEST) system, iridology and nutrigenomics – are applied individually or in combination, depending on your situation or requirements. (Please see "Services" on our website's menu to read more about our methods of assessment.)


Based on the results, we make recommendations and offer counselling as far as lifestyle adjustments, nutritional support – which could include dietary adjustments and recommending nutritional herbal supplements – and wellness programmes go. To this we can add individualized nutritional, stress and lifestyle coaching programmes, if required.

Initially we do a BEST assessment to determine a client’s health and body functionality status. However, if more insight is required, we would add an iridology assessment to also look at other genetic contributors. This assessment enables us to identify constitutional weaknesses and genetic conditions a client may be prone to. If needed, we may also include nutrigenomics testing to identify genetic protein variations and sites of metabolic weaknesses.

Not all of the above tests are necessarily required. Depending on the reason for the consultation, we may even exclude some or all of the assessments and start right away with lifestyle, nutritional or other appropriate counselling.


Apart from counselling and the above, we also offer coaching for those who need more focused or in-depth help with nutrition, stress, or lifestyle issues.

The golden thread

What stands out as the golden thread in all of this, is the fact that we consistently follow a holistic and integrated approach in whatever we do. We do so, irrespective of a client’s health status and regardless of the recommendations we make and the support we provide. Adhering to a holistic approach gives us peace of mind, as it ensures that we consider all contributing factors that may affect a client’s health. It also affords us a certain gratification, knowing that the tried and tested processes we’re abiding by, are instrumental in bringing balance and ongoing refined health into the lives of our clients.


A heads up, though

But the picture would not be complete if we do not highlight a word of caution. Most health-related issues tend to develop over time. In the same way Integrated Health Solution’s programmes do not provide a quick fix. Those with whom we embark on the road that lead to a better lifestyle, will have to commit themselves to the process and put effort into making a success of it. The responsibility for nurturing and growing this new investment lies with you. At the same time, the joys of improved health and a better, sustainable lifestyle will more than make up for the energy you’ll be putting in!

The habit of doing what is best,
rather than what is comfortable,
achieves the most worthwhile outcome.

The habit of doing what is best, rather than what is comfortable, achieves the most worthwhile outcome.