The BEST (Bio Energetic Stress Testing) system

A head-to-toe wellness assessment


How it works

The BEST system is used to take readings from meridian (energy) points on the fingers and toes to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the specific organs in the body. Once we have an overall picture of the state of the organs, the system allows us to further identify more specific health issues that are causing the various symptoms. The system also identifies problems that relate to hormonal imbalances, underlying infections, digestive problems, and food sensitivities, for example, wheat or lactose intolerances. The concept behind the test is that root causes are identified and treated, rather than just treating symptoms.


Chronic illnesses

By evaluating specific energy channels throughout the body, this system can aid in the identification of possible acute and chronic illnesses.

Intolerances and sensitivities

The test can identify the presence of underlying intolerances or sensitivities by suggesting what could be harmful to the body’s balance or health.

Nutritional deficiencies

As a BEST test evaluates each individual organ and system throughout the body, it will determine the correct nutrients and supplements that you require, as well as any deficiencies or areas that need more targeted support.


A full clinical history will be taken from the client before the actual test is done. During this, the client’s personal details will be captured, and they will be asked certain key questions to determine the main reason for their visit. Upon completion of the test, the client will receive a printout of the readings, and the practitioner will provide feedback and make recommendations.


BEST system fact sheet

Please click below to download a document with more information on how the BEST system for wellness evaluation and treatment was developed, and how it works.