Am I Healthy? – Part 2


Am I Healthy? – Part 2.

We should ideally assess our health before we show symptoms of ill health. We will all find ourselves somewhere on the illness-wellness continuum and this may vary at different points in our lives.

We can often think we are healthier than we are because we don’t have any obvious symptoms or we get used to certain niggles that start to become normal for us. It’s at this point that we could be moving towards poor health and without doing something about it we could very quickly land up with some form of disease. 

Last week’s podcast covered questions around how we feel about food and is our diet varied. This week we will look at the next two questions, which are: 

  • How do you feel when you eat certain foods?
  • How much energy do you have?

How do you feel when you eat certain foods?

Some people are quite clear on how foods make them feel, yet others feel bad but can’t quite put their finger on the cuprit. Do you feel sleepy after food, or hot, or bloated, or do you get diarrhea after eating certain foods? These are signs that something is not agreeing with your body. One way to check food intolerances is to eliminate the foods you think might be the problem. But sometimes there’s more than one culprit so this is not always the most effective way.

How much energy do you have?

Are you constantly tired or do you have good levels of energy that last all day? Feeling tired all the time is not normal. Our lives are very busy and we do have a lot of stress, but a healthy person should have enough energy to get them through the day. Low energy can be a sign of blood sugar or hormonal imbalances, or underlying infections. There is much that can be done to get to the root of the problem and to increase your energy naturally. Using caffeine or other energy drinks is not the answer because these just mask the actual problem.

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