Goals for 2021


Here are 5 simple changes to see you thrive in 2021 

1. Start with a positive attitude.

We can spend so much time complaining about how hard changes are that we don’t ever make the changes we so desperately want to make

2. Set a goal

A goal without a plan without is just a wish.

3. Break the goal into manageable steps.

All goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and have a reasonable timeframe

4. Identify where you need help and accountability.

What is within your ability to do by yourself and where do you need input. Remember when we do the same things over and over, we can’t expect a different outcome – something needs to change

5. Ask yourself why you want to make the change.  

Human nature dictates that when we set a goal, we initially rely on willpower which generally runs out after a few days, but when you have specific reasons why you want to reach that goal, it helps to keep you on track. Keep the goal in mind for success.

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