Help! My clothes have shrunk!


Weight gain has a nasty habit of creeping up on us.

When choosing a weight-loss plan, it’s best to get help to choose the right plan for you and your body. Every person is unique and there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss.

Set long and short-term goals.

Your short-term goal may be to have your clothes fit more comfortably, but long-term goals should include an improvement in energy, health and quality of life.

Keep the goal in mind.

Staying focused can be tough, but if you keep your long-term goal in mind you are much more likely to stay the course and have a successful outcome.

Exercise does not compensate for a bad diet. 

It’s important to have a balanced diet with a healthy amount of exercise to maintain optimal body composition. A poor diet and too little exercise can lead to an imbalance in muscle and fat mass, which can lead to physical weakness and eventually chronic disease.

Create habits that set you up for victory.

It’s important to assess which habits are no longer serving you and to make new habits that will set you up to successfully reach your goals. It’s also important to choose a plan that is sustainable and that you will be able to make a lifestyle from.

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