SUGAR: It’s everywhere!


Do you love sugar?

Or find yourself reaching for something sweet to get you through the afternoon?
You are not alone!

Did You Know?

Sugar has the same effect on the brain as cocaine.

Sugar is highly addictive and studies have shown that it has the same effect on the brain as cocaine because it impacts the same reward systems in the brain.

When we eat sugar regularly – and these days there is sugar in EVERYTHING! – our bodies become less sensitive to its effect, so we need more and more to get the same “high”. The insulin receptors in the cells in our bodies then start to become less sensitive to sugar in the bloodstream and the risk for diabetes and other diseases increases.

When there is lots of sugar in the bloodstream, our bodies need to produce more insulin to try and stabilise our blood sugar levels. Insulin is a ‘grower.’ It acts like fertiliser and it can make skin tags grow on your neck and armpits and it can also cause tumours to grow inside your body. Insulin is also a fat storing hormone. When it is released in response to high sugar foods, insulin directs the energy from your food into storage so the more insulin that’s produced, the more fat is likely to be stored. While insulin is being produced, you won’t lose weight, instead your body clings to the fat stores and you will either gain weight or struggle to lose weight.

The harsh reality of sugary treats:

Cadburies Crunchie Bar

26g of Sugar, or 6.5 Teaspoons per 40g serving.

A Jar of Jam

49g of Sugar, or 12,25 Teaspoons per 100g serving.

A Bottle of Coke

53g of Sugar, or 13,25 Teaspoons per 500ml bottle.

Fruit Juice

23g of Sugar, or 5,75 Teaspoons per 1 cup.

Ice Cream

21g of Sugar, or 5.25 Teaspoons per scoop.

Oreo Cookies

14g of Sugar, or 3,5 Teaspoons per 3 cookie serving.

it can never be unknown

High levels of insulin have been linked to cancers of the bowel, liver, pancreas, ovary and womb. Insulin is necessary for the growth of blood vessels, which is good for the brain, where a healthy supply of oxygen is necessary, but when those blood vessels are formed to supply the growing tumours in the body, it’s not such a good thing.

If you would like to learn more about sugar, have a look at the video below:

What are your thoughts?

Do you think giving up sugar is impossible? Sugar doesn’t have to have a hold over you!

A balanced diet and the right food combinations for your body type will reduce your sugar cravings dramatically. You will experience vibrant energy, an overall sense of well being and you will feel alert and clear headed. I can show you how…

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